Saturday, August 25, 2018

Love it when my random ideas materialize! PE for 4th Grade!

So excited to announce a new P.E. program in 4th grade. Our own TISA parent, Doug, will be bringing his amazing kids gym workouts to us 2 times a week!  I asked Doug the first week of school if TISA and he and Little Bear's kid's exercise program could be brought to TISA....The Gov. Board passed it through, so off we go! Please make sure your child keeps a pair of sneakers at school so they may participate. 

First Up in Our Novel Studies Was....ROLLER GIRL! Nothing makes Ms. Megan smile more than having to tell my students to, "PUT the book DOWN!" when we have Writers Workshop, Math, Science, etc...Please make sure your child has completed Roller Girl by Monday and brings their copy back to school. Thanks!

Liquid Nitrogen ICE CREAM??!!

Winners were announced via phone intercom......our own Aiden, "UNO Man" took 2nd place! BUT ALL WERE WINNERS TO US!

Then...We hit the runway with aplomb!

Our room was a glittered, fabric strewn, glue filled wreck- but what became of it was stunning! TISA GLAM TRASH!